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Listen or Download Oyi Teluguvaada Samaikya Andhra Song

17. December 2009 by close to reality 3 Comments

We monitored the samaikya andhra song Oyi Teluguvaada downloads for the last 2 days and surprisingly, more number of downloads are done in telangana region especially not from Hyderabad. It shows that not everyone in telangana want separate telangana and it also looks like there are many Samaikya Andhra Pradesh supporters in Telangana region who are keeping quiet because of the fear. Come on guys this is your state too, not just belongs to telangana seekers.  you don't need to be afraid of any one.

Listen or Download Oyi Teluguvaada Samaikya Andhra Song, written by Dr.Rentala Sri Venkateswara Rao, sung by Ghazal Srinivas..

Listen: [mp3: Teluguvaada new.mp3]

Download Oyi Teluguvaada new.mp3

courtesy: Phani Madhav

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for United Andhra Pradesh Lovers.

watch Oyi Teluguvaada samaikya Andhra Pradesh video song released by lagadapati rajagopal

Comments (3) -

Close To Reality
United States Close To Reality said:

some facts..
How many people under Below Poverty Line in Telangana? How many in other region?

United States surya said:

The volatile situation in Andhra Pradesh is due to absence of strong mass leader ,who has pan andhra pradesh charisma cutting across the regions be it be telangana,rayalseema or andhra.I was not a fan of YSR, when he was alive, but today I got to feel his absence and I strongly feel that he upheld telugu honour by not allowing any foreign intervention in A.P affairs until he was alive.I really salute him and feel that A.P's honour and pride has gone along with Y.S.R. He was the greatest leader with credibility,dynamisim and commitment.He enjoys high public image much much more than KCR in telangana districts particularly in Rangareddy,Nalgonda,Medak(sangareddy),Mahbubnagar ,Hyderabad and Khammam of telangana districts.This is the reason why KCR has not dared to face YSR.Its good that mass leaders like jagan and chiru are co-ordinating in their attempt for united Andhra pradesh.

Students,Lawyers,Rajgopal,vivekananda reddy,Uma,suneetha are doing their bit for United Andhra.M.P's need to stay in Delhi and lobby for united Andhra,its not wise to resign because that would make the situation even more easier for congress to split the state.If the situation becomes worse then the M.P's should resign.

Although I am an admirer of Mr.Chandra Babu Naidu,today i feel completly let down by him and vow not to support him anymore because he still sticks to his old habits of backstabbing.Today he is backstabbing Andhra and Telangana people(all telugus) by not mentioning his stand.May be this is the reason, why he doesnot enjoy public or mass acceptance and image.We are not asking his stand as TDP president but he needs to clarify his personal stand.Although YSR said ,everything is according to High Command decision when he was C.M,his personal stand was for United Andhra Padesh,which he mentioned in several television interviews.CBN should come out with United Andhra stand well before the situation becomes even worse.Today,I feel ashamed that still CB naidu doesn't have guts to say his stand.Where have our so called filmstars like jevitha Rajsekhar,Balayya,Nagarjuna or  tiger NTR,who enacted the videos during elections from hospital bed has gone.

Close To Reality
United States Close To Reality said:

@ Surya..

we have some similar feelings. days after YSR's death, i did mention 'great loss for United Andhra Lovers" (some where in september 2009)

YSR: One Man Army !! (some time in may 2009)

Personally, other than this one reason, i never liked his other deeds.

I agree about CBN as well. Yes, at least we would like to listen his personal opinion if not as the chief of TDP. We can understand that his one more statement in support of any one region will cause a stir in the other region and the rivals are eagerly waiting to kill him forever. apart from that some internal T-Leaders who are still a threat for the party's survival in Telangana.

All these are the reasons why he still maintaining silence. But everyone in the state knows that his personal stand is United Andhra Pradesh. These words he said many times earlier, but this is not the time to say it again. Because though he says it is his personal feeling, Media and the opponent leaders will manipulate it with in seconds and will cause chaos in the state. We can see his personal stand from the incidents happening in Loksabha this week.

Sometimes "SILENCE IS GOLD". P.V.Narasimha Rao proved it many times.

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